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Hong Kong Disneyland

 PHP 4,100 
Hong Kong
PHP 4,020

Hong Kong Disneyland, the place where you will be inspired by fairy-tale dreams and all-time favourite disney characters. Explore the 7 lands - Adventureland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, Toy Story Land, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Main Street, U.S.A. with great excitement and enjoy a life-time experience you will never forget.

Tokyo Disneyland

PHP 3,790

A wonderous place filled with magic and excitment, Tokyo Disneyland brings endless fun for the whole family. Enter the 115 acre park and explore the fantastic landscape and atmosphere and enjoy the experience of seeing, meeting and interacting with your favourite Disney characters and heroes such as Mickey Mouse, Ariel, Pirates of the Carribean and many many more! Rest your weary feet with live shows and performances put up by Disney characters. Or stand back and watch the live parades as they travel down the paved roads of Disneyland. Fancy a meet and greet? Disney character greeting sessions are also present throughout the park! Laugh and fill yourself with happiness in the world's happiest place! Finally, end your day with a spectacular display of fireworks put on daily by the park An unforgettable experience awaits!

Universal Studios Japan

PHP 4,400

Wave your wands and chug on butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and revel in all things cute and pink at Universal Wonderland. This theme park also features a wide variety of fun ride attractions, and entertaining stage and street shows. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Walk a day in the shoes of Harry, Ron, and Hermione, as you dine at the Three Broomsticks and the Hog's Head, and shop at Honeydukes and Zonko's Joke Shop. Choose from exciting rollercoasters, interactive street shows, and 4K3D theatre shows, or experience them all! Universal Wonderland Split into Universal Wonderland, Snoopy Studios, Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue, and Sesame Street Fun World, this part of the park is perfect of families and young children.

Warner Bros Movie World

 PHP 3,430 
Gold Coast
PHP 2,160

Become lost in a world of fantasy and fun, meet your favourite stars and super-heroes and experience the exhilaration of world-class adventure rides and movie attractions. Plus, children of all ages can now learn to drive on the streets of the kid's size version of Warner Bros. Movie World at the brand new Junior Driving School.

Dreamworld Australia

 PHP 3,454 
Gold Coast
PHP 2,080

Dreamworld on the Gold Coast is the top thrill-ride park in the area. The Gold Coast's Dream World is Australia's favourite ride-based theme park, and with so many "worlds" in a single location, you'll be able to plan your own adventure! With 13 worlds consisting of attractions from the tallest and fastest thrill rides, to live interactive shows and unique animal attractions, there is truly something at Dreamworld for people of all ages and levels of thrill seeking.

Hong Kong Ocean Park

 PHP 2,900 
Hong Kong
PHP 2,880

Discover a series of unique and fun-filled experiences at Ocean Park. Don't miss the opportunity to get up close with animals such as dolphins, seals, pandas and many more animals through interactive shows and programmes. Explore the Australian outback at Adventures in Australia and get the chance to meet the adorable Koala bears, Wallabies and Kookaburras. Visitors seeking for thrills and excitement can hop on to various amusement rides suitable for all ages to enjoy.

Japan Suica Card

PHP 1,120

The Suica Card works just like the Singapore Ez-link card, all you need to do is tap it on the reader to make payment. Preloaded with JPY1500, it can be used on all bus and train transport networks (except the shinkansen), and at selected vending machines and stores. When taking public transport, you won't need to fumble with loose change and bother about counting the exact ticket prices. Tap your card upon entry, and when you tap out, the fare will be automatically calculated and deducted from your card. Look out for the following brands indicated on the payment terminals: Suica Kitaca PASMO manaca TOICA ICOCA Hayakaken nimoca SUGOCA and all shops in the PiTaPa shopping network. Please click here for the transportation systems you can with the Suica Card.

Korea Everland Theme Park

 PHP 2,305 
PHP 1,740

Everland Resort, a magical world of adventures and excitement where your dreams come true. It consists of five uniquely themed zones - Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure and Zootopia. As one of the highest rated rollar coaster in the world, South Korea's first wooden roller coaster, T-Express, is unanimously the must ride feature of Everland Resort. Kpop fans get to catch their favourite idols perform hit songs at the Live Hologram Theater, where realistic holograms allow them to feel as if they were attending a real concert. Be enchanted with the Moonlight Parade as the illuminated floats and colourful lights brightens the night sky of Everland. Catch the spectacular fireworks at the end of every night to draw a perfect closure to a day of fun-filled adventure.