Flytpack travel wifi rental - unlimited 4G for Singapore

Rent your own travel pocket wifi for Singapore for only P300/day. Roam around the country hassle-free. Use Google maps for directions, go Facebook Live and uploads photos in Instagram. You can also share the connection and cost with your 5 friends, it's handy. We deliver to and pickup from your doorstep in Metro Manila. Book now!
Meet Flytpack Travel Wi-Fi
Wifi router rental at affordable prices
Unlimited Data
Unlimited Wi-Fi access everywhere
Portable Charger*
*Only for some models
Hassle Free
Fit right in your pocket
Connect multiple devices at the same time
What will you have:

Longer Stand By

6000MHA Battery


Up to 5 devices connected at the same time

Device Pouch

Travel Adapter

Charging Cable
* Device model and complimentary items shown are for illustration purposes only and are subject to availability.
How To Rent
Book & pay online at least five (5) working days before departure
Router will be delivered to you at least one (1) day before departure
Enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi whenever, wherever during your trip
Courier will collect the Wi-Fi router from you one (1) day after you are back from your trip
Countries Available
PHP 350.00 PHP 300.00
China Without VPN
PHP 300.00 PHP 260.00
China with VPN
PHP 500.00 PHP 360.00
Hong Kong
PHP 400.00 PHP 300.00
PHP 600.00 PHP 400.00
Sri Lanka
PHP 400.00 PHP 320.00
Hong Kong + Macau
PHP 500.00 PHP 400.00
PHP 400.00 PHP 350.00
PHP 350.00 PHP 300.00
PHP 350.00 PHP 280.00
PHP 350.00 PHP 300.00
PHP 350.00 PHP 300.00
South Korea
PHP 350.00 PHP 280.00
PHP 300.00 PHP 260.00
PHP 250.00 PHP 220.00
PHP 300.00 PHP 260.00
PHP 400.00 PHP 300.00
PHP 700.00 PHP 350.00
PHP 450.00 PHP 300.00
Middle East
Saudi Arabia
PHP 600.00 PHP 500.00
PHP 600.00 PHP 500.00
PHP 600.00 PHP 500.00
UAE (Abu Dhabi + Dubai)
PHP 600.00 PHP 500.00
PHP 650.00 PHP 500.00
PHP 600.00 PHP 500.00
South America
PHP 600.00 PHP 550.00
PHP 600.00 PHP 550.00
PHP 600.00 PHP 550.00
South Africa
PHP 700.00 PHP 550.00
PHP 700.00 PHP 550.00
PHP 700.00 PHP 550.00
Guam + Saipan
PHP 600.00 PHP 500.00
PHP 500.00 PHP 450.00
New Zealand
PHP 500.00 PHP 450.00
North America
United States
PHP 600.00 PHP 500.00
PHP 600.00 PHP 500.00
PHP 600.00 PHP 500.00
Puerto Rico
PHP 600.00 PHP 500.00
Asia Package
PHP 550.00 PHP 460.00
Africa Package
PHP 700.00 PHP 600.00
Middle East Package
PHP 700.00 PHP 600.00
South America Package
PHP 700.00 PHP 600.00
South East Asia
PHP 500.00 PHP 400.00
Worldwide Plan
PHP 700.00 PHP 600.00
How It Works

FLYTPACK Pocket WiFi is a personal wireless router that connects any WiFi-enabled devices to the internet with a secure network connection. Think of the WiFi you have at home, just smaller, in a pocket size version.

You can connect your laptop, tablet and (or) mobile phone to the internet while you are travelling overseas at anytime, anywhere. It saves you from costly data roaming, WiFi hunting and loads of prepaid SIM card credits.

Our router is pre-configured and does not require any complex installation.

Get yourself connected to the internet on the go. Think about:

  • Staying in touch with your friends and families back home through text messaging and calls with WhatsApp® or Viber®.
  • Navigating and finding your way around a foreign place with Google Maps®.
  • Checking your emails (especially if you are a business traveller)
  • Sharing your travel adventures on social media channels!
  • Finding useful information for your trips. (E.g. attractions’ & museums’ opening hours, public trains and bus locations etc.)
  • And more…
  • Enjoy internet connection wherever you want. No more WiFi hunting or depend on weak WiFi signal in your hotel. Say goodbye to expensive roaming bills.
  • You can share the connection with up to 5 mobile devices at the same time (or more depends on the router model and the country of your destination). So, share WiFi with your travel partners and go on an adventure!

FLYTPACK Pocket WiFi routers are pre-configured by our dedicated operations team. You are unable to insert your own SIM card into the router due to local data policies by each country’s local ISP to prevent abuse. That’s the beauty of our rental service – no installation, no configuration needed; just convenient and simple to use.

There will be a pouch comprising a charging cable, a universal charger, and a user guide for you to start using, and of course, the router itself!

You will not/partially be liable of the loss/ damage if you have checked the insurance box before payment to cover indemnity. In case of lost router, you shall immediately report the case at your nearest police station and to FLYTPACK’s headquarters in Manila, Philippines. You are strongly advised to include the router insurance to minimise potential liability in the event of unforeseeable loss/ damage on the router set during your trip.

We suggest you to reserve online at least 5 working days in advance before your departure date. Reserve via with 3 easy steps:

  • Order: Fill in your travel details.
  • Particulars: Fill in your particulars, collection & return date and methods.
  • Payment: Check your payment and choose your payment method.

This is a rental service where charges are based on daily rental rates instead of data consumption. This fee is based on the number of days travelled.

If you are travelling to Japan from 1st Jan to 7th Jan, you will be charged at 7 days of rental rates.

Date Rental Fee (Usual Price)
1st Jan: PHP 300.00
2nd Jan: PHP 300.00
3rd Jan: PHP 300.00
4th Jan: PHP 300.00
5th Jan: PHP 300.00
6th Jan: PHP 300.00
7th Jan: PHP 300.00
Total period: 7 days Total cost: PHP 2,100.00

Yes, PHP 1,800 deposit will be requested upon payment and will be refunded to you within 7-14 working days after the travel WiFi is successfully returned to FLYTPACK. The refund will be reverted to your credit or debit card account and/or bank current or savings account.While this refund is immediate from Flytpack, it may consume a longer timeframe for your bank/ acquiring bank to reflect in your account.

Yes, the service fee amounting to PHP 100.00 will be included to cover administrative and operation costs.

Yes, the late booking fee amounting to PHP 100.00 will be included for last minute booking accepted 2 days before your departure date.

FLYTPACK Pocket WiFi supports connectivity only for a specific country and is not suitable to use in other countries or multiple countries. For instance, the router assigned for Singapore will not function in Hong Kong.

Your router for Europe however, will work in all of the countries we support across Europe. Similar to Cross-Country Packages, we will support the multiple countries you selected in your booking.

If you intend to make a reservation in less than five (5) working days, please call our customer helplines or drop us an email at to inquire for availability.

Drop us an email at and let us know the changes. We will advise you accordingly.

There is no penalty if the cancellation is notified to us more than five (5) working days before the indicated departure date. The amount will be refunded to you within seven (7) to fourteen (14) working days.

You will be penalised PHP 700 (or USD 15) if the cancellation is done within or less than five (5) working days before the indicated departure date. The remaining amount will be refunded to you within seven (7) to fourteen (14).


You will be penalised PHP 1,000 (or USD 20) if the cancellation is done on/ after the indicated departure date. For customer who selected self-collection method, failure to self-collect router set on the indicated departure date will also be treated similarly. The remaining amount will be refunded to you within seven (7) to fourteen (14).

You will receive a confirmation email with the collection details.

If you have chosen courier delivery method, your FLYTPACK Pocket WiFi will reach your indicated mailing address at least one (1) working day before your departure date.

For instance, if the indicated departure date is 2nd January, the router set will reach your indicated mailing address latest by 1st January..

If you have chosen self-collection method, you can collect the device kit earliest two (2) working days before your departure date. You are expected to be aware of our office hours and inform us prior to your visit to the selected Flytpack Office for preparation.

For instance, if your indicated departure date is 3rd January, you can arrange for self-collection of the router set earliest by 1st January.

Yes, a user guide is enclosed in every pouch to help you get connected overseas.

  1. Turn off mobile data on your smart devices to avoid costly roaming charges.
  2. Turn off automatic notification updates to prevent excessive data consumption.
  3. Turn on FLYTPACK Pocket WiFi.
  4. Enable the WiFi function on your mobile gadgets (mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc.)
  5. Search and select the network name (SSID) on your smart devices.
  6. Enter the password onto your mobile gadgets.
  7. Get connected to the internet.

Note: SSID and password are indicated on the travel pocket WiFi. Connection speed may vary, depending on the country’s network infrastructure.

Yes. As long as the devices are WiFi-enabled, it can be connected to FLYTPACK Pocket WiFi. 4G refers to the connection speed that is being transmitted when the user is accessing the internet.

This depends on the model of the router and the country you are renting. You can connect to about five (5) devices maximum at the same time.

The network range is approximately 10 metres in radius without obstacles.

The average battery life is approximately eight hours, depending on the number of connecting devices, data consumption and radio wave condition.

Try to restart the travel pocket WiFi by turning it off and on again, or reset it by pressing the “reset” button at the right corner of the travel pocket WiFi.

If the problem persists, please take a photo of the screen of the router and email to to inform us the issue.

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is a set of guidelines implemented by the country's local carrier (Internet Service Provider, ISP) to limit the amount of data consumed by the end user. Once the end user reaches the estimated data cap, the internet speed either will, throttle to a slower speed (still accessible to the internet) or in some cases, terminated by the carrier. This is to prevent data abuse and violation of data service agreement, such as bandwidth hogging.

The carrier reserves the right, without notice or limitation, to deny or terminate, modify, disconnect or suspend the service if the end user engages in unfair usage, in excessive or abusive usage on the ISP, at their sole discretion, determines that action is necessary to protect the network from harm or degradation.

FLYTPACK is not liable if the connection service is terminated when the end user has reached the given data limit.

There is usually an indication on the screen to show the amount of data consumed. Different models of the router may have different ways of tracking data consumed. Please check with our customer service for assistance.

Country Daily Data Consumption Limit (Estimated)
South Korea
All other countries 500MB Per Day, speed throttle down

If data consumption exceeds its given capacity, you may experience either slower internet speed or termination/suspension of internet connection by the local internet service provider, ISP.

If you have chosen courier delivery method, we will be in touch with you to arrange for return within two (2) working days after your return date (as indicated). Our courier associates will pick the router set from you based on the agreed arrangement.

For instance, if you are returning from your trip on 4th January, we will contact you between 5th to 6th January to arrange for collection of device kit set from you.

If you have chosen self-return method, you must return your router set latest two (2) working days after your indicated return date. You are expected to be aware of our office hours and inform us prior to your visit to the selected Flytpack Office for preparation.

For instance, if the indicated return date is 9th January, you must return the router set to the selected Flytpack Office latest by 11th January.


We practise two (2) best-attempt policy, and will impose a single-way delivery charge for every subsequent return delivery attempt thereafter.


You will be penalised PHP 1,000 (or USD 20) if you failed to self-collect the router set latest on the departure date. The remaining amount will be refunded to you within ten (10) working days.


We practise two (2) best-attempt policy, and will impose a single-way delivery charge for every subsequent return delivery attempt thereafter.


Flytpack reserve the right to charge a late return fee of PHP 50 per day for every additional day incurred after two (2) working days of your indicated return date. Kindly notify us before the end of this return period if you have difficulty to return the device kit within the period for case-by-case consideration.


If you misplace the Flytpack Pocket WiFi, please report to the police in the country where you lose it and send us the report filed (as a proof of loss) when you are back in Philippines.

Penalty charges for any loss and damage are:

Loss and Damage of: Charges:
WiFi router and Data card PHP 8,500.00
Carrying Case PHP 650.00
Converting Plug PHP 650.00
Accessories PHP 350.00
Portable Charger PHP 650.00
User Guide PHP 150.00

* Must be accompanied with police report as proof of loss.

Incorrect Bank Account Information

Flytpack reserve the right to forfeit deposit and/or any additional refundable amount after unsuccessful refund attempts, with two (2) forfeiture notice sent via email. Forfeiture is enforceable after one hundred and twenty (120) days, calculate from the date of the end of rental period.

About Us
Flytpack is your WiFi travel buddy that allows you to get connected abroad without outrageous roaming charges. It is simple to use and easy to carry around with you.
You can stay connected when you are traveling overseas.
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